Save Water for the Future

"Water is the most precious commodity to mankind. It is a natural resource that is limited and cannot be easily regenerated to meet the growing demand. We have an obligation to appreciate and preserve it, not only for ourselves, but for all future generations that have a right to it as well. Water is Life. Every drop of water counts; Let us count every drop."


Business Model

As far as product introduction is concerned; we are currently the innovators of products. We thus, market directly to the customers who are in a position to purchase our products in bulk. Subject to the quantities, we outsource the manufacturing of the required units and the logistics to transport the products to the interested customers. Through this model, we keep our overheads low while we build the in-house credibility and capacity.



The company was founded in 2007 and trades as WHC which is derived from our initial product's main aspect focus being Water, Hygiene and Convenience. Water represents our substance focus, Hygiene represents the Green Economy we serve and Convenience represents the innovative products and services we provide to that regard. We call this Wagienience; derived from the three words. Hence, the registered company name in South Africa is Wagienience (Pty) Ltd READ MORE.

Midterm Goal

The South African government through the Department of Energy, on the 23rd June 2009, as announced by the Minister of Energy in her budget vote speech, stated that “The Department will ensure that one million solar water heaters (SWHs) are installed in households and commercial buildings over a period of five years.” READ MORE